We're determined to prove that skincare is about more than just make you skin beautiful. We make all of our products with environmentally friendly materials, and we donate 100% of our profits to fund eco & socially friendly projects for those in need. To date we've supported projects in 17 countries impacting lives of hundreds of people, not bad with just a Body balm eh?

Here are their stories


 Canta Gallo Group's story

Fredy is 33 years old. He lives with his wife and their two children; the oldest is 6 and the youngest is 4 years old. He has been working on his cocoa and coffee plot for more than 10 years. He gets up very early to go to his farm to work, and in the afternoons he works on other plots.

Fredy is a persevering person with a vision of improving his community lot in life and to get ahead with his family. Above all, he is a hardworking man who wants his children to go to a better school and in the future to study at the university. He is responsible with his community and especially with his family.

He is requesting the loan through to invest in the purchase of organic fertilisers for his cocoa and coffee. He wants to improve the service and quality of his products.


This loan is special because: It empowers women through community support and financial training.


 Matotoka Group's story 

Kadiatu is 32 years old and married with three children. Kadiatu owns a food business. She would like to use this loan to buy more gallons of organic oil and bags of garri. She started her business to become financially stable and independent. 

Kadiatu will use the profits from her business to feed her family every day. She hopes to own a house from the proceeds of her loan. Matotoka Solidarity group needs a loan of SLL 7,500,000, of which Kadiatu is entitled to SLL 1,500,000. Kadiatu is shown at the right in the picture.

In this group: Kadiatu, Fanta, Fanta, Musu, Memunatu

This loan is special because: It helps a borrower in Sierra Leone where Ebola has affected the economy.

 Moris Foun Group's story

Theresia, 49 married and has 3 children. Her daily routine including taking care of children and cultivating a plot of land with vegetables. For Theresia, being a farmer is her pride because from doing that she could provide additional income for her family as well as to give healthy food for community and family. However, Theresia did not get much income from her business because it's still classified as a small business, the income generated from that business was only enough for daily needs and to cover schooling expenses of children. 

Therefore in order to increase her sales, Theresia is requesting a group loan from the TLM Cooperative along with her friend Regelinda, amounting IDR 3,000,000. Each of them will get IDR 1,750,000. Theresia would like to spend the loan on more organic seedlings and fertiliser for her farm.

In this group: Theresia, Regelinda

This loan is special because: It serves people in Indonesia's poorest region.

 Everlyne from Kimilili District, Kenya

In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, we’re focusing our efforts on funding women projects. We are sharing some of their inspiring stories

She'll will not only purchase organic seeds and fertiliser for the coming harvest season, but also two solar lights. Receiving two solar lights as part of her loan means that now she will be able to have light during the night and have somewhere to charge her phone. Everlyne plans to use the profits she gains this year to send her children to school.

 Get involved now, and you too can have a positive impact on someone' life.                                                                                                                       

 Denix Nixon's story 

As you already know, KKTUS LIFE is all about supporting eco and socially responsible projects in third world countries, with one single goal "STOP Global Poverty".

This is what we call: “Having an impact"

Denix is a hard-working man, living in an isolated region of Ecuador. Thanks to our support Dixon has been able to increase his production of organic tropical fruits. He has also been able to save some money which allow him to keep on supporting his family. Whilst Dixon and his family still suffer from difficult economic circumstances,
Dixon’s increased productivity allowed him to create jobs and add-value to his community.


Get involved now, and you too can have a positive impact on someone's life.